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AM 036 Old News A bunch of old favorite songs from popular music of the sixties and seventies.  
AM 035 Tempus Mauritz Agnas creates music with inspiration from Jazz and Baroque music  
AM 034 Elevator Music for Spacestations Spacemachine is the space rock band we’ve all been longing for  
AM 033 Elsborgs Kapell A tribute to the legendary Swedish accordionist Erik Frank and singer Louis Prima  
AM 032 Både Takt och Ton Kasper Agnas Cirkus. Young musicians who in their own way show where the cabinet should stand  
AM 031 Lycka till med musiken The critically-acclaimed Agnas Bros. once again current with a record release. Also available on vinyl!  
AM 030 Trio GPS Music from East to West in chamber music folkton with Swedish ensemble Trio GPS  
AM 029 Gröndal The brothers Max and Mauritz Agnas in collaboration with Sebastian Voegler and Thomas Caudery  
AM 028 La Belle Dance The Norwegian Baroque Ensemble La Belle Dance presents music from the court of Ludvig XIV  
AM 027 Jonth's Ballads Folksongs from Dalecarlia arranged and recorded by Tomas Agnas, clarinet  
AM 026 Ahora Aquí Spanish influenced music of trumpeter Urban Agnas & guitarist Sabina Agnas  
AM 025 Helgdagskväll i timmerkojan Folk singer Emma Nordin presents her own interpretations of Dan Andersson's beautiful lyrics  
AM 024 Polygon The critically-acclaimed brothers second album  
AM 023 Krackel Kapell Fascinating folk music trio - violin, viola and cello  
AM 022 Songs from the Heart Emma Nordin, singer-songwriter from Rättvik, Dalecarlia presents her debut album  
AM 021 The Fabler The debut CD of Agnas Bros  
Trilobit A life- a tone An unique CD-box with swedish jazzpianist Gösta Rundqvist and his friends  
AM 020 Love and Life Singer Rita Saxmark & guitarist Sabina Agnas' CD about the eternal subject: Love and Life  
AM 019
larsson gothe/crusell
Concertos for clarinet and bassoon
AM 018
Trumpet player Urban Agnas with musik of Paul Hindemith, Jacques Casterede and Georges Enescu
AM 017
Bengt Erlandsson
Bengt Erlandsson with his own philosofical thougths about life
AM 016
Music from the spires of Uppsala Cathedral with ancient roots,performed by Linnékvintetten
AM 015
Live at Fasching
Trio X and Agnas Bros - Live at Fasching
AM 014
Trio X of Sweden
The improvisation trio from Uppsala
AM 013
In dulci jubilo
An instrumental Christmas CD with the improvisation group Trio X
AM 012
Här just nu
A philosofical regard in words and music with Thomas Nordin, Torbjörn Allard and Lars Ekström
AM 011
Torbjörn Näsbom and Sebastien Dubé, two musicians with roots in classical and folkmusic tradition
AM 010
Skanstull Tango Trio
Exciting tangtrio with Juan Cuacci, Lila Horowitz and swedish bandoneon player Mikael Augustsson
AM 009
Bara Brodd
Brodd Leif Andersson and Staffan Eriksson plays tunes after fiddler Albin Brodd
AM 008
First Takes Only
Clarinet, sax and guitar player Tomas Agnas on his own and with his own music
AM 007
The third CD with jazz trio Abash
AM 006
Electric Folk
Combines folk music & rock in a way that has not been done since the genre was named in the late sixtees
AM 005
Dans i Gopsmor
A forgotten music tradition, a tresure that now is available on CD
AM 004
Låtar från södra Dalarna
Brodd Leif Andersson & Staffan Eriksson presents tunes after fiddler Ingvar Norman from Säter
AM 003
Two Heavy
Bacon Brothers, one of the most experienced bluesrockband in Sweden
AM 002
Girafflåtar för småfolk
Music for children that amuses the whole family
AM 001
Agnas Project, vol. 1
Tomas, Urban and Joakim Agnas, excellent musicians with sense for both classical and jazz music


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