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  AM 011 Vatten - Water  

Clear and refreshing as WATER - which also is the name of the debut CD with Torbjörn Näsbom and Sebastien Dubé, both musicians with their roots in folk music as well as in classical music. Torbjörn grew up with swedish folk music, and has also an education as classical violinist. Sebastien is a classical bass player and a very well known jazz musician. The Duo puts Barocque music and folk music together; tradition and Bach and jazz influences are blended; and if you put improvising and ornamenting in the different styles on top of that it makes new and exciting music which is very refreshing to listen to. Torbjörn is often on tour with his key fiddle, sometimes together with the well known swedish singer Ann Sofi von Otter. They have been touring in Europa, f ex in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

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