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  AM 006 Electric Folk  

Five young musicians who combines folk music and rock in a way that has not been done since the genre was named in the late sixtees. This group has a sound entirely of their own, which has given them a wide audience that can finally listen to their first album. All songs are written by electric folk, inspired by Swedish and British folk musik, built on catchy melodies and groovy rythms in fast beats. Arranged in a way that appeals to the rock sceene, without loosing an inch of it«s soul; folk music. The members of electric folk have both Swedish folk musik and rock in their bones and several years of musical education (not to mention their extensive experience from four years of touring Scandinavia!).

Malin Foxdal - vocals, Olle Brandin - electric violin, Linus Carlsson - electric bass, vocals, Joacim Kallin - drums, Johan Testad - guitar, mandolin, vocals.

©Agnas Musikproduktioner AB 2009