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  Gösta Rundqvist: A Life - a tone  

"In November 2009, jazz pianist Gösta Rundqvist found that he had only a few months to live. It is an unimaginable thought, but Rundqvist decision to convene a series of musician friends for a giant recording is perhaps logical. There were twelve CDs packed in this box with its simple but evocative title. Krister Andersson, Roland Keijser, Bosse Broberg, Sarah Lindloff and Lennart Åberg are some of those involved in various group, from duos to groups with his son Fredrik on drums. As a listener you can feel a bit overwhelmed, both by the idea of Rundqvist and for sheer amount of the music that the box containes. To my ears, it still form a rich portrait that Rundqvist made by himself and was reflected in his friends."
Dagens Nyheter - 4 of 5

"Jazz pianist Gösta Rundqvist passed away in January 2010. Two months earlier he had collected old musicians friends for a series of recordings that are now issued in a box of twelve CDs. A life, a tone is the name of the edition. Perhaps we can also discern a paricular tone in Rundqvists piano playing, a tone of gentle precision, pure and unadorned intuitive, often created in the moment, but in harmony with compagnion musicians inspiration. And the unmistakable tone i Gösta Rundqvist throughout the project. It shapes the expression when he meets Maria Winther's voice in hot duets, when he and Lennart Åberg improvise freely, and when he and trumpeter Jan Allan meet in relaxed interpretations of standard songs. In several of the boards we can hear Roland Keijser's saxes and flutes, and not least the folk tinted duets are exquisite in their drawn down tempo, which uncovers the form elements and let the melancholy appear in its nakedness. All the participating musicians (of which I have only mentioned a few) contributes to the subtle variation in Gösta Rundqvist's last recordings. Everything in the box is priceless, but I want to highlight the suite Prayer of Faith, where Keijser's saxes, Sarah Lindloff's flutes, Rosie Staf's vocals and Fredrik Rundqvist's drums in various combinations form an evocative whole by Gösta Rundqvist's beautifully carved piano figures, sometimes thoughtful and confident and somtimes fateful rumbling, but charged the dense expressive power."
Svens Dagbladet - 5 of 6

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